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Stewart Bunn is National Communications Manager of First National Real Estate, one of the largest Australian real estate groups with approximately 500 members.

As a member of the executive management team, Stewart contributes to the formulation of network strategy and brand development, directs public relations initiatives and crafts internal/external communications. This incorporates recruitment advertising and collateral, editorial submissions and online content.

Specialties include brand management, real estate practice, local agency marketing, online advertising systems, cooperative business models and communications. Stewart maintains the online content of First National News and reports news items via RealEstateCast on Twitter. Further details may be found on LinkedIn and Facebook.


As one of Australia's leading journalists, I have had the opportunity to interview and assess many of Australia's most successful individuals and, in my opinion, Stewart Bunn has communication skills, professional dedication and performance essence up there with the best'
Kendal Hodgman

A.T.C.L., Hon. S.C.S.M.
Broadcaster & Journalist

'Excellence in communications is only partly about skill and responsiveness, both of which Stewart has in spades. Where Stewart truly excels is in his understanding of the strategic direction of the business and his ability to identify, manage and respond to the issues of real importance to the business rather than those that make the most noise. Stewart builds brands with words which is no mean feat. He is a great team member and a fabulous person to work with. I would work with him anywhere, anytime'

Vivienne Corcoran
Director, Marketing Logic

Stewart is active online and maintains a busy online social networking community consisting of Stewart Bunn on Twitter and Facebook.

Further information about Stewart Bunn is available at LinkedIn.

At First National Real Estate Stewart can be contacted on 1800 032 332.

Examples of Stewart's work

First National News
Published article - Sold Magazine.